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Sugar & Spice: my first book, full of candy recipes. Shortcuts: Easy Tips to Get Your Home Cooking Done Faster Most of us are juggling too many things at once—we're all busy!—and, like it or not, a short, efficient kitchen is critical for success in today's fast-paced home. Just like with the rest of the house, if your kitchen does not perform at peak efficiency, you'll have a hard time making it work as an effective home office or, for that matter, as a healthy eating environment. A couple of years ago, when my time was a little more sane and I wasn't battling an unquenchable case of mycotoxins and a troubling epidemic of underactive thyroid, I realized that if I spent a little more time in the kitchen (a very comfortable place for me), I could make a major difference to the way my family eats and the way my household functions. Now, instead of a flippant "I can't cook, my mother taught me to microwave everything," I can say, "I can't cook...but I'm working on it." With that perspective, I began to look around my kitchen, checking out what was and wasn't working, and asking, "Why isn't this working?" and "Why do we keep doing this?" In the process, I learned how to be frugal, organized, and efficient in the kitchen, and I developed a few new techniques, shortcuts, and tricks to speed things up, get more done, and make time to get in the kitchen, eat fresh, organic food, and raise happy, healthy kids. It has been an adventure, and I'd love to share some of what I've learned. Welcome to my kitchen short cuts: easy tips to get your home cooking done faster! Top 3 Techniques for Efficiency Cooking is the most efficient thing you can do in your kitchen, but it's not an easy task. Cooking is a skill that can be mastered, but there is no easy shortcut to learn to cook. You'll have to be willing to learn, practice, and practice some more to build your culinary skills. But before you can put what you've learned into action in your kitchen, there are some shortcuts to efficiency that are relatively easy to apply in practice. The three I've chosen are all hands-off and will make sure that you have a lot less to clean up: 1) don



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28 Weeks Later Mp4 Movie 86 davikang

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